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Sony eReader PRS T2 RC review

Sony eReader PRS T2 RC review

Sony eReader PRS T2 RC review

Since the advent of eBooks from 2007, they have somehow become a household name as well as a necessity. Weighing 5.9 ounces with dark texts and great display screen it makes reading experience so much better. Charged at $130, it is priced just the same as was its predecessor PRST1, but that makes it $10 more expensive than its competitors in the market like nook simple tough with glow light or kindle paperwhite.


The Sony eReader PRS T2 RC measure 4.375 inches wide. This makes it pretty narrow as easy to carry around. It has 5 buttons placed underneath the screen. It is available in black red and white colors. The texture is nice and rubbery making it easier to grip on.

 Reading Features

The Sony eReader PRS T2 RC has E ink V220 glare free touch screen that makes it feel like reading n a book. It is equipped with “evernote” and “facebook” that allows you to carry files wherever you want when your personal computer is off and connect with your social circle while enjoying your favorite book. It can also post your favorite line and passage from the novel that you are reading directly on your face book wall.

The black version comes with a voucher of harry potter and the philosophers stone that can be redeemed from any pottermore outlet.
Built in Wi-Fi makes reading so much better as it allows you to download any book of your like from the Sony online library. With the Wi-Fi connected off the Sony eReader PRS T2 RC lives up to 2 months, longer than one month than its predecessor prst1.
Opting for plastic instead of the metal or part metal design has reduced the cost and the weight of the model. At 124 grams it is much lighter than its rival kindle paper white that weights around 200 grams.


The Sony eReader PRS T2 RC is equipped with 800 x 600 resolutions E ink glare free screen. That is a step back from its rival eReader that have better screen resolutions. Moreover it isn’t equipped with a back light. With the introduction of eReader with back light by its contemporaries like kindle and nook the Sony eReader PRS T2 RC again falls behind. But Sony does offer a cover with built in light as an added accessory, that too with an added price of $50.

The Sony PRS T2 RC uses IR touch screen. This makes the touch screen very sensitive to your fingertips making zooming in and out very easily. Hold your finger on a word and it gets highlighted and you can search its meaning in the 6 built-in dictionaries as well as Google it or share in on face book. This makes reading on PDF format smooth unlike its competitors.


The Sony eReader PRS T2 RC comes with styles with which you can mark words and write notes on the text. Though you can’t attach the stylus on the device that is a setback as it gets pruned to be loosed.

Public Library

This app allows you to get books on rental basis from your nearby library in your locality. All you require for this procedure is: a valid library card and the Sony eReader PRS T2 RC and off you are with your favorite book that too without going out to get it.

Other Features

The Sony eReader PRS T2 RC is equipped with 2 GB internal memory. There is a microSD card slot, covered with a plastic flap that supports up to 32 GB USB. There is also a USB port that allows you to connect the eReader with your computer. It supports text on PDF, TXT and EPUB formats. That opens a great array of options for you to read as many books aren’t on the PDF format. This particular feature lacks in its rival kindle.


Although the Sony eReader PRS T2 RC isn’t the best of its lot, it rather provides last generation feel to it lacking the integrated light as well being more expensive than its current, and in some ways better, contemporaries. It still features a better touch screen, supports EPUB reading format, and makes reading a PDF file much more smoothly. Upon considering all the pros and cons of this latest model, the Sony eReader PRS T2 RC isn’t a bad eReader, in fact the look and design and certain features might give kindle and nook a run for their money, but if you prefer a larger online book store, integrated back light and that too at a cheaper range, then the Sony eReader PRS T2 RC loses the game by an inch.


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